GreenMaché was created by four friends who were deeply concerned about the growing amounts of waste being generated in our environment today.

With all four of us working full-time corporate jobs, we were witness to daily use of styrofoam, plastic, and other forms of disposable plates and cutlery-very few of which are fast to generate.

We were also fully aware of the health hazards that come with eating our food in plastic containers and plates.

Food really doesn’t have to be served in plastic – a concept, very easy to understand, but quite hard to practice in our present day.

There were very few sustainable solutions without compromising with the convenience of disposable dinnerware. After hours of research we were determined to do something about this.

Having grown up in Southern India and eating from plates and bowls made of simple Areca leaves, we realized this was the best time to let nature help itself by helping us.

After researching the benefits of areca leaf plates, like being natural, chemical-free, compostable and the best of all – no trees needed to be cut down! It was the perfect solution!

GreenMaché is proud to offer this aesthetic, nature-friendly dinnerware to Canada. Together, let’s stop using non-degradable food ware and EAT PLASTIC FREE!